Buying Funky Girls Clothes in the UK

Published: 17th May 2011
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The trend that is in this season involves soft colors and lots of girly elements. Most clothing will have pastel pinks, greens, yellows and blues. Neons and metallics are also expected to influence girl’s funky clothing. The trend is also expected to be of luxury girls clothing that aim at keeping them comfortable and well dressed. Classic designs from most labels will be in supply that will help keep kids looking young.

The fabrics will also tend to be more organic ranging from natural fibers like bamboo and organic cotton. The clothing attire for the warmer months will be a mix and match concept where fabrics coordinate but aren’t matched perfectly. The graffiti effect will be used in trends for little girls to bring out the 80’s rocker feel.

Spring wear is set to comprise of frilly items, bubble skirts, tutus and twirl skirts. Ruffles and flowing fabrics will be used to bring out the girly element. For a really funky look, dresses, skirts and shorts can be paired with leggings which are quite popular. Victorian style clothing is also a good bet for the fashion season with shirts, dresses and skirts adorning laces. For little girls clothing the design picked out should be innocent and child like.

Funky girls clothes tend to mirror too much of the adult wear section so when picking out an outfit for a little girl you have to remember that she is young and innocent and this must be reflected in the clothes they wear.

For winter wear, bold looks like animal prints and faux fur are great while polka dots are another funky and fun option for this season. Designs with flowers are also timeless classics that should be found in every girl’s wardrobe and they fit perfectly in any season.

Some types of kids clothing items come in and out of fashion in a cyclic way. Traditional, classic and retro can definitely be hit and miss depending on the magazines and cat walks of the World. Butthe funky clothes style issubjective, and normally worn by those who care less what others are doing and more what they desire.

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